What is ECR and Non-ECR Category in an Indian Passport?

October 17, 2017

What is ECR and Non-ECR Category in an Indian Passport?

While anyone goes on having a Passport, it is categorized into main two categories viz. ECR and Non-ECR/ ECNR.

Now, you must be wondering what these two types are, and how it is determined, well read below and get all the details regarding ECR and Non-ECR Category in an Indian Passport.

What is ECR in Indian Passport?

First of all, ECR stands for Emigration Check Required. It means, if you are not class 10 qualified, then yours is ECR Passport. Hence whenever you fly out of India, you need to get clearance from the Immigration office. When you go for that, the Stamp in your Passport states that “Emigration Check Required.”

So, when you have ECR Passport, every time you visit, any of the following countries: Oman, Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Brunei, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Jordan, Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Sudan.

If you are traveling due to Business, Ex-Visit, or any other purpose rather than Employment, then you will require emigration clearance.

Now, about the ECNR/ Non-ECR Category:

Emigration Check Not Required – ECNR which means you are class 10 qualified/ graduate and you can go out of India without any clearance required from the emigration office.

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