How to Find CIF number in State Bank of India – Via Various Methods

November 7, 2017

How to Find CIF number in State Bank of India

State Bank of India, most commonly known as SBI is Indian Multinational, Public Sector banking as well as financing service provider. SBI headquarters are situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra and are a government-owned corporation.  It has been merged with five leading Associate Banks viz. State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur, State Bank of Hyderabad, State Bank of Mysore, State Bank of Patiala and State Bank of Travancore. The SBI serves worldwide through their numerous branches and provides various services.

Here, we are discussing How to Find CIF Number in State Bank of India, describing all the details associated with CIF Number and related it:

First of all, what is a CIF Number?

The term CIF stands for Customer Information File; it is a unique number through which specific customer’s all the data including Personal Information, Account Activities and much more can be known. The CIF number comes in handy, especially when you are in need to change your account from one branch to another.

By the time passing, the bank keeps updating your account activity as per latest data provided and transactions carried forward. For your ledger and much more details are held safe through the CIF number by the SBI. The CIF number holds precise information including everything about your account, and even crucial aspects are covered throughout this number.

Throughout this article, you will know all about the CIF Number of State Bank of India, via numerous methods. You can get to know more offline as well as online, and identify activities of your account. Read below, and get more details on How to Find CIF Number in State Bank of India:

How To Find CIF Number in State Bank of India:

Let’s see, At First,

How to Find CIF Number in your SBI Passbook?

Well, it’s easy actually; you just need to look upon the very first page of your passbook. Open the front page of your Passbook and search for your Account Number.

Just above the account number, there is CIF No. which is an 11 digit number.

How to Find your SBI CIF Number Online?

Through the Internet Banking, you can find your SBI CIF Number online. Most of the people might already have activated their online banking in their SBI accounts.

For this method, there are following steps which you need to follow to find SBI CIF Number Online.

Step 1: Go to the SBI Online Portal and then go to your Internet Banking Account Web Page.

Step 2: Sign in to your account with correct log-in credentials.

Step 3: Click on “Account Statement” Option and then click on “Go.”

It will let you download your Account Statement for CIF number, which you are looking for.

Step 4: If you’re not aware, how to look into SBI Account Statement, then read forward:

Step 5: You can see info by sorting out as per various filters such as By Date, By Month, Last 6 Months and so on.

Step 6: Select “View” and click on “Go.”

Step 7: Now it will show Account Statement for the selected period, and there you can easily find out “CIF No.”

How To Find CIF Number in your SBI Check Book?

You might not know that even your checkbook contains details regarding various unique numbers related to your bank account.

The main page of your SBI Check Book has imprinted the CIF Number, but in some cases, the number might not be printed there, not to worry.

How To Find SBI CIF Number by Calling to Customer Care Executive?

You might not have your Passbook or Checkbook or even Internet Banking access; you can always call Customer Care to solve your problems.

To call SBI Customer Care, you are supposed to call their Toll Free Number, i.e., 1800 425 3800. Call on this number and solve your problem by talking it to the Customer Care Executive.

While calling to know about your CIF Number, you will have to answer a few questions to the customer care executive such as your SBI Account Number, Full Name, Address, etc. necessary credentials.

This is just to confirm, because of safety reasons. This way you can find your SBI CIF Number by calling to the customer care executive.

How to Find SBI CIF Number via Branch?

Well, it is also quite easy, as you have to go to your SBI Branch, described in your SBI Passbook.

Go to your branch and through the inquiry counter, you can get to know your CIF Number. For that, you will have to give your Account Number. Along with that, to obtain your SBI CIF Number from Branch, you must carry a couple of ID Proof, Address Proof to confirm your identity.

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