Namotel ‘Achhe Din Rs 99 Mobile Booking – How to Book at

June 6, 2017

Namotel ‘Achhe Din Rs 99 Mobile Booking – How to Book at

Recently launched Namotel Acche Din smartphone which is said to be world’s cheapest smart phone available at 99/- rupees price range, is a talk of the town at And everyone is looking forward to it and its features. In a recent press conference, Madhava Reddy was the promoter of the Namotel smart phone and the news conference was held in Bengaluru on Tuesday.

Namotel ‘Achhe Din Rs 99 Mobile Booking:

It rumored that Madhava Ready was Relationship Manager at Axis Bank’s Home Loans department, and now he is here, promoting world’s cheapest smart phone in Bengaluru. A Huge rush of interested people is going towards getting ideas regarding Namotel Rs 99 Mobile Booking, and here we are providing similar details for this latest smart phone at

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As the official website of Namotel shows that they are offering this smartphone at such low price range as part of “Make In India” Campaign and also says that their headquarters located in Bengaluru along with offices in numerous cities including Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, etc.

Booking Namotel Acche Din Smart Phone:

People who interested into booking Namotel Acche Din smartphone, you need to know one thing for sure, as the Namotel company has made it clear, people with valid Aadhar Card will only be able to book and purchase the mobile at

Booking Namotel Acche Din Smart Phone – Booking Dates:

As the Namotel official site shows, the world’s cheapest smartphone will be available to pre-book from 17th May 2017 to 25th May 2017. So between these dates, interested people can book Namotel Acche Din smartphone and get it.

Namotel Acche Din Delivery Charges:

It said that this smart phone will be delivered with “Nominal Delivery Charges” about which company has not yet declared any specific amount which has to be paid by the customer.

Mre: Acche Din Namotel Rs 99 Mobile Booking


The official website i.e. is not accessible even though lots of people are still trying to access it to book Namotel Acche Din smartphone.

Also, as the official website quotes, this smartphone is available to purchase for the limited time only hence people who interested in buying this smart phone are advised to keep visiting the Namotel official site at and as soon as the official site is accessible, book your product immediately.

To book Namotel Acche Din smart phone, consumers need to keep their Aadhar Card Number ready as this numbers are essential to enter to book the all new Namotel smart phone.


Along with Namotel Acche Din smartphone, the official site at says that they are all set and will soon be launching their more smartphones with different features inside each model.

Upcoming smartphones from Namotel:

  • Namotel Azaadi (1,999/- rupees)
  • Uth Shine (Price Not Available)
  • F Power (Price Not Available)
  • VVIP (Price Not Available)

So, all these are upcoming smartphones from Namotel – original brand, so all those who interested into any of these smartphones should keep on checking the Namotel official site at and get all the latest details from it.

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